Conserving Energy

Conserving Energy

We conserve energy by using:

  • Systems that allow our tenants to view, understand, and adapt their energy consumption.
  • High-quality insulation for our floors, walls, roofs, windows, and doors.
  • Heat pump technology to extract and reuse heat.
  • High-efficiency appliances.
  • LED lighting to spark your nights!
Using Zero-Carbon Energy

Using Zero-Carbon Energy

We use zero-carbon energy in the form of:

  • Solar or wind energy.


  • A communal heat system, which uses waste heat from neighboring industries.
Repurposing and Recycling

We participate in the circular economy by using:

  • Refurbished mid-century Dutch designer furniture.
  • An efficient waste management system, which separate glass, paper, plastic, and compost.
  • Repurposed materials to renovate buildings and create furniture.