What we do?

Do you want to turn your property into a high-value zero-carbon investment and enjoy a stable long-term income?

We are developers of sustainable real estate, looking for long-term partnerships with owners of urban real estate. We manage the transformation of your property into energy-conscious zero-carbon homes and unplug them from the gas grid for good. Resulting in high-value zero-carbon rental homes that provide you a secure long-term investment.

As your partner, we will lease your entire property and guarantee you a fixed rental income without the hassle of dealing with multiple tenants. Leasing plans are flexible, typically 5-10 years.

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Are you and your friends looking for a home ready apartment created with design and art that will reduce your carbon footprint?

We offer energy-conscious co-living homes to help you and your roommates live a zero-carbon lifestyle. Our apartments are furnished with refurbished designer pieces and feature the latest green technologies to spark your energy and evolve your energy-consumption habits.

We make your rental experience easy and include everything in your rent, no hidden fees or surprises. We’re great landlords, you can ping us anytime. We’ve got you!

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Our spark

Our eyes are open to a world full of color, but we can’t seem to ignore that black smudge getting bigger. Warmth is great but global warming is not. Change is vital, sustainability is key.

We believe that energy sparks our universe. So, we create, recycle, and reuse it mindfully.

We preserve and transform historic dwellings into creative, modern, and comfortable co-living homes, and provide our tenants with an honest and transparent rental experience.

A greener planet starts with an energy-conscious home. At Habi, we offer you the opportunity to live more sustainably.

Join us and become a zero-carbon hero!

What does energy-conscious mean, anyway?

You don’t like things or people wasting your energy, right? Well, we feel the same way about our homes.

At Habi, we stand behind three core sustainability principles: Conserving energy, using zero-carbon energy, and repurposing and recycling.

Conserving Energy
Using Zero-Carbon Energy
Repurposing and Recycling
Past Projects

Since 2010, we’ve developed multiple co-living apartments in Rotterdam East and Rotterdam City Center. If you want to know more, just get in touch with Peter.


Het Zweden Huis

We’ve transformed a 100-year-old building into 4 zero-carbon co-living apartments

De Praktijk

This former law office has been converted to 4 zero-carbon co-living apartments

Future Projects

We love collaborating on new projects. Two words: sustainable co-living. If they’re on your list too, let’s connect

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Meet your host, Peter, the man who gave Habi its spark.

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